Arsan Sarmayeh BIM and VR Company -Building Information Modeling and VR Virtual Reality C ompany

Arsan Sarmayeh is a BIM building information modeling company and VR virtual reality active in the field of construction and related new technologies. The company is headquartered in Niavaran St., with the help of a group of professionals in the field of building information and reality Virtual has been active since 1990 and has taken steps to use various tools and technologies in the construction industry, with the aim of improving the management of construction projects. The members of the board of directors of this company have built about 30 residential units in area one of Tehran and have also been the consultants of economic projects of more than 100 domestic and foreign projects, which shows the high capability and sufficient experience of this company in the industry.

The main goal of the collection is to use modern technologies such as virtual reality (VR) technology and building information modeling (BIM) in the design, construction, monitoring, sales and maintenance stages of the project. Most of these activities take place before implementation to minimize the waste of resources. The experience of the founders of the collection in construction and industrial projects has caused them to use the latest knowledge in the world as a basic basis in the optimal use of materials, saving time and managing costs.

Undoubtedly, the technical potentials of the specialized team of the collection, along with the interest of its founders, have caused it to offer a wide range of services in the field of new technologies and the use of digital tools in design and construction, and to be a pioneer in this field. And provides the instrument.

Arsan Sarmayeh

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