Design services using BIM and VR

The main purpose of the collection is to design using building information modeling (BIM) and virtual reality (VR) technology. an effective way of designing, constructing and operating projects. All these steps are done before implementation to minimize the amount of waste of resources. The experience of the founders of the complex in construction and industrial projects has led them to use science as a fundamental basis in the optimal use of materials, saving construction time and cost management in the implementation stages.

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BIM process based design

  • Design and modeling of zero, one and two phase architecture
  • Design and modeling of structures
  • Design and modeling of mechanical facilities
  • Design and modeling of electrical installations

The basis of modeling is based on the level of detail (LOD), which is determined by analyzing the demands of the employer.

Synchronization and management of inter-system interactions (Clash Detection)

  • Finding and reporting interactions between facilities and structural and architectural elements, establishing coordination between design workgroups in the design phase in the form of interference and resolving interferences before the construction phase.

Four-dimensional simulation of construction steps (4D)

  • Using this model, the sequence of execution of work phases is reflected and simulated virtually before the actual start of project implementation, and implementation inconsistencies and execution interactions of different working groups can be investigated. Reducing costs due to interference by the contracting parties and efficient use of time is the main advantage of this part. Also, controlling projects is more efficient and faster and reducing project execution time and more accurate progress are other advantages of this model. This simulation will be done in two forms, Micro and Macro, according to the needs of the project.

Five-dimensional simulation of construction steps (5D)

  • By estimating and analyzing prices and accessing financial resource information, the cash flow of the project can be monitored and evaluated at each stage so that the agents involved in the project have a better view of costs and decisions.

Coordination and interference sessions before the implementation of each phase

  • Holding coordination meetings between the subcontractors for the correct execution and in accordance with the model of the desired activities before starting the work. The purpose of these meetings is to prevent interference and non-repetition in the implementation department. Controlling subcontractors and reviewing their schedules and managing them is easier than conventional methods, and to get the job done right and reduce inconsistencies, meetings with the groups involved are arranged before each section is implemented.

Create a VR (virtal reality) modelinteractively

  • The virtual reality model for the project is defined in such a way that it is not just animation, and the person can interact with the environment (including changing materials, etc.) so that he can make better decisions about locations and materials before construction.

Create animation:

  • Animation is designed to be shown in conference halls or presented to investors and other stakeholders.

Updating and presentingthe As-Built modelis subject to the execution of the entireBIM process

  • Depending on the type of implementation of this technique, As-Built drawings are prepared before the execution of each section along with the construction of the project and unlike the conventional method that prepares such drawings after construction. In fact, the construction of each section begins according to these plans. Costs of preparing multiple plans are removed and construction is proceeding according to the final plans. By analyzing the demands of the employer, this part can be done at the LOD400 level.

Create a web application to control the project (Web Application)

  • Depending on the needs of the client, various project management dashboards are provided on the web to make project management faster and with better quality.